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    Slingcatcher problem.

    nutmonger Newbie
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      I have not been able to watch my slingbox on my phone, computer, and now on my slingcatcher at work. For a long time I was able to watch on my slingcatcher. Now I get a message "no network". I reset the slingcatcher several times, no luck. I know it communicates with my router and modem because it gets the following information:


      IP Address

      Subnet mask


      Primary DNS

      Mac ID 0:13:b6:40:3a:4f


      System Info

      Name   Michael's

      HW Version 000010001

      SW Version

      Mac ID 00:13:b6:40:3a:4f



      Sling Account   No Network

      Software Update  No Network


      I am not sure, but I think the problem is with my Comcast modem. I have a Netgear CG3000DCR. Does anyone out there have or had the same problem? How did you resolve the problem? If it is not the modem what could it be? Also, when I reset the slingcatcher it goes through the normal setup, but I seem to remember having to put in my email address and slingbox password. Now it does not ask. How do I get my slingcatcher to communicate with my slingbox through the Comcast modem.


      I just did a test with my iPhone app. On wi-fi, no go. When I was on the Verizon LTE network it worked perfectly. Anyone who can help me fix this problem has a new friend, me.

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          esdwa Newbie

          Yes, the IP address assigned to IP Address means the problem is the router/modem. I do not have this model but the fix should be fairly simple to ensure router function in modem is configured to work as LAN with DHCP enabled. That should fix it.

          Call your cable provider support.

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            nutmonger Newbie

            Thanks for your reply. I got into the settings for my router. The "Enable LAN DHCP" has a check in the box. The lease time is 1 week. DCHP start IP is DCHP end IP is Also checked is "Assign DNS Manually". Primary DNS is Secondary DNS is

            In the Firewall tap, under Port Configuration/Port Forwarding is the following setting:

            Application Name             Port Range                   Protocol             IP address

                                              Public      Private    

            Slingbox               5001 ~ 5001   5001 ~ 5001        Both      


            Are these the correct settings? Also, under Gateway Summary under the Network Tab it shows you the connected computers. It lists 3 connected. One of the 3 is the slingcatcher. Any ideas?

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                esdwa Newbie

                This is totally wrong settings. The home LAN address recommended range should be to .254 or to .254. The DHCP should be pulling addresses from this range. Many LAN devices including Slingcatcher wont work with IP address 10.10.x.whatever. Remove Manual DNS, let the Comcast network assign DNS. See if it solves the problem.

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                This is a Sling issue, I have the same issue, see this post:-


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