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    Issues with Internet viewing with HD-PRO using xfinity X1 router/modem


      My setup:

      a recently "reset to factory" slingbox HD-PRO, the X1 router has been configured to port-forward using TCP/UPD on port 5001.


      My issue seems to be that the default address seems to be which is out of the acceptable range of the X1 router's DHCP. the range only goes to


      ON the advance setup page I am able to change the ip. address of the slingbox and I do so. However it does NOT 'save' it permanently.  I have tried resetting the HD-PRO several times. But haven't gotten it to work.


      Has anyone else had success with the HD-PRO on the xfinity X1 platform??  Can someone offer some help in this regard?  Also I can not find the IR codes for the X1 remote.  Does anyone know how to find them?