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    Slingbox channel has a display issue with Roku 4

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      Roku 4

      Android Phone

      Slingbox & Slingbox channel on Roku

      I have used a Roku 3 and connected to my Slingbox located in another state using the Slingbox Roku Channel.  It has worked wonderfully.

      About 6 weeks ago I purchase a Roku 4 to replace my Roku 3 which I was going to move to a different TV.   My case number is :   1041713


      The 3 works fine but the Roku 4 has a display problem - it crops the picture (bars on each side).  I have contacted Slingbox several times and supposedly there engineers are looking into the problem.

      I am not sure Slingbox even has a Roku 4 to replicate the problem.  I have given their support people access to my slingbox and they don't have a Roku 4 so they didn't have the problem.


      I have contacted Roku and asked them to talk with Slingbox.... 


      I am posting this problem here in hope that others see it.  Its not a settings issue from a user's perspective, its a problem with how the channel interacts with the Roku 4 box.