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    Chromecast "cast" button only visible occasionally in SlingPlayer Android


      Hi fellow SlingPlayers- when using the SlingPlayer app on my Nexus 6P, the Chromecast "cast" icon/button only shows up occasionally (maybe 10% of the time). Most of times when I open the app the icon/button simply isn't there. I have a 1st gen Chromecast that works fine with other apps on my phone (Spotify, SoundCloud, etc.), and the SlingPlayer app on my girlfriend's iPhone can connect and stream to my Chromecast just fine. That leads me to believe the issue lies with my Nexus 6P and/or SlingPlayer Android app. I have tried reinstalling the SlingPlayer app, no fix. Anyone experienced a similar issue or have suggestions on how I might troubleshoot? Thanks in advance for the help!