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      I have a new M1 Slinbox which supposedly has its own WiFi functionality.

      My first question is simple...where does this WiFi signal GO? To my wireless router? To broadcast in my home via WiFi separtely from my network? None of this is clear in the instructions and no parameters are given in help arena.

      Secondly - WHY is the slingplayer limited to only ONE device at a time on my network when all other devices have readily available connectivity to the access point. If security is the issue, then why have login/password security. Once verified, it should be available on any device running the software providing that criteria is met. ie. Open a webpage on one computer, then open the same page on another computer sitting right next to the first one....VOILA! Both computers now display the same webpage!! How simple is that?? The signal is there! So why limit the accessability to only one device??  I need answers!!

      Chef Gordy

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          alanrichey42 Master

          First question is easy.  The WiFi simply replaces the ethernet cable we used to have connecting the Slingbox and the router.  One less cable to have cluttering up the system.


          Second one is a bit more difficult as I am not sure what you are asking.  If you are asking why only one person can watch a Slingbox at a time, I can only assume the Slingbox has to setup a 2-way synchronous communication with the user to send the video stream one way and receive the commands and status reports (so it can adjust the video settings) the other way.   Maybe a technical engineer can give you a better answer.