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    WPA2 not supported on Slingbox 500?

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      I just bought a 500 yesterday and tried to set it up last night.


      The very first thing that shows on the tv once everything is connected is a prompt for your network (wireless) password.


      I use a very strong password on my router (Apple Airport Time Capsule, 3 TB), and I store the password in a text file on my laptop.  Because the password is so complex, whenever I need to set up a new device, or set up the same device again later, I open the text file and enter the password as it is in the file.


      The password contains upper and lower case letters, numbers, and a bunch of different special characters (~ . $ % ^ & ( ) {}[]"'< \), with a total of 63 characters.  Everything that I have setup over the past several years has allowed my password, and I've been able to connect.


      Before setting up the Slingbox, I sent that text file from my computer to my email so I could access the email on my phone during setup. It's a lot easier carrying around a phone than a laptop.


      I entered the password exactly as it was in the email, and tried to connect to my SSID.  It failed to connect with a message saying something like "Invalid Password".  I verified that I had every character entered and entered correctly, and thought I would try to connect again.  Unfortunately, I got the same error.  I then went through the entire process again, painfully entering each of the 63 characters, and then tried to connect once more.  Again, it failed to connect due to an "Invalid Password".


      At this point, I'm pretty ticked off, because I've already wasted a bunch of time painfully entering the password TWICE, so I decided to just connect the Slingbox to my router with the included ethernet cable and move on.


      Unfortunately, after I connected it with the ethernet cable, and after downloading and installing the latest firmware, I was prompted again for my wireless password.


      At this point, I was already tired of entering the password and getting password errors, so I decided I would MAKE SURE that the password in my email was correct, and tested it by connecting my iPhone to my router.  I "forgot" the network on my iPhone, then copied the password from my email on my phone and pasted it into the password box on my iPhone.


      Voila!  My iPhone connected, so I knew FOR SURE that the password was indeed correct, so I thought I would try entering it ALL OVER AGAIN in the Slingbox and double, triple, and quadruple check every single character I entered before trying to connect again.  So I painfully went through that process for the 3rd time, and again it failed due to an "Invalid Password".


      At this point, I am really ticked off, but I thought that MAYBE I made a mistake with entering the password, so I went through character by character by character to make sure (again) that every single character was exactly as it was in my email.  I made sure all zeroes were zeros (because I don't have any letter O's in my password), and all ones were 1's and not lower case L's, etc, etc, etc.  I was near the end of the verification, and the Slingbox stopped responding to my remote!


      So I had to painfully reenter everything for the 4th time, and again went through character by character by character to make sure that literally every single character was entered exactly correct.  Then I tried to connect, and it again failed due to an "Invalid Password".


      So I'm super ****** off at this point, and I decide that I'm not wasting any more time with trying to get this **** thing to connect to my usual SSID.  I ended up enabling my guest network and put in a super easy password, and it finally connected.


      I chatted with someone at Slingbox and they told me that the only option I have is to compromise my network security and enter a shorter password - which brings me here.


      There's obviously SOME kind of limitation within Slingbox, as it's not allowing me to use a password that every single one of my other devices allows.  I have smart tv's connected to my router via wifi, iphones, tablets, refrigerator, my car, laptops, Playstations, Apple TV's, etc and all of them work perfectly with that password to connect to my router.


      Do I really need to compromise my network security in order to use Slingbox?  Why doesn't Slingbox support the WPA2 protocols?  If WPA2 protocols were supported, then the Slingbox would connect to my router with my complex password.


      Compromising my network security is not an option, so if making my network less secure is the only option I have, I will just return the Slingbox.


      One more comment - my router (Apple Airport Time Capsule) does not support Wifi Protected Setup (WPS), so just clicking a button and have everything connect is not an option (nor is WPS secure).