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      I would like to list all the known problems and find solutions for slingplayer version 2.13.1 using with android marshmallow (android version 6.0.1).  I use the samsung galaxy s7 edge.


      1. The green screen of death (we would like this issue resolved and not have the green screen)


      - although slingplayer has provided a temporary solution (which may destroy the phone or battery) its not a reasonable solution, and i doubt many want to mess around with the developer options as we are not developers and we would do so at our own risk without any indemnification from slingbox® - although we are acting on their "experts" advice (potential lawsuit if damages result from there experts' advice? possible).


      2. the chromecast v1 and v2 icon sometimes appears and sometimes doesn't appear (we would like this fixed and the icon back)


      - prior to the version 2.13.1 update, if you had chromecast and connected to wifi the chromecast icon always showed, connection was simple and you could either turn off your phone's screen or use your phone without having the slingplayer app open.  i.e. you could multi task.


      - now that icon shows itself when it feels like


      - a work around someone mentioned was to just cast your phone's screen, but its not the same.


      3. Audio head jack - bluetooth or wired (we would like to hear sounds in both ears not just one ear - the left ear)

      - with this new update and for quite sometime, if you were to use an audio wired headset or bluetooth headset while watching slingplayer you only got sound in your left ear.


      - we would like it resolved to get sound in both ears again, please!!!



      Solution proposed -- if its money they want, then I'm game to contribute. If another $25 would do it from each of us to fix these problems, please do it.


      If it's not the money, will there be another update?????