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    Slingbox won't connect to internet

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      My slingbox has always had trouble seeing my chromecast to connect to it.  Finally I decided to reconfigure the network.  I followed the instructions to hold the WPS button until it blinked three times, then when it started to continuously blink I proceeded with the setup, as instructed.  Both my phone and my desktop are able to see the slingbox, but when they try to connect to the "slingbox network" I get the message "There was an error connecting to Slingbox Access Point.  Please connect back to your Home Network and try again. [code: W-100]".  To make matters worse, the network light on the slingbox just continues blinking as if it's still trying to configure the network, and no method I've tried to actually connect has succeeded. Finally, resetting or rebooting the slingbox both lead nowhere, as the network light just goes back to blinking.  It blinks twice quickly, with a pause, then it repeats.  The box was connected to the network before, it just couldn't see the chromecast.  Now I can't get it to connect to anything.  Is it dead?