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    Firestick vs. Chromecast picture quality

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      Since Slingcatchers became useless for M1 and M2 reception, I have been succesfully using Chromecast to stream from my M1; being very pleased with exceptional quality of picture despite of slight inconvenience of using 2nd smartphone/pad to control all that rather than having simple remote in my hand.


      Recently I purchased Amazon Firestick and tried built in Slingplayer app and got surprised about lower picture quality even when set to HD Quality mode when compared to Chromecast. Pixelisation is so apparent in Firestick in fast moving scenes while Chromecast picture is crystal clear and sharp even on my 55in TV.


      I checked the data transfer speed on both and found probable cause where Chromecast streaming speed exceeds 3100kbps while Firestick never goes beyond 2050kbps. The 50% higher streaming performance of chromecast over Firestick explains the picture quality difference when both devices are within same range from my router to ensure same picture quality.


      But I just wonder why Firestick has this limitation and can never reach Chromecast performance. One of reasons could be just Slingplayer app itself unable to decode stream fadt enough to produce Chromecast  picture quality or go beyond. I doubt the cause os Firestick hardware as other video services produce exceptional picture quality like Amazon Video.


      Anyway, anyone of you who use Firestick now for HD streaming and have never used google product, should try Chromecast. At least for Slingplayer streaming, the picture quality difference is vast. Try it and share your result.