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    Audio/Video drops for a second and comes back - every 1-2 minutes


      I have my Slingbox 500 connected to my Directv receiver via Composite.


      I find that the audio/video drop out for 1-2 seconds every 1-2 minutes.


      It happens on the 350's I have around the country as well but not as frequent as there are times I can watch the 350's and not see the drop.


      It happens every time watching the 500 and it is frustrating. The 500 is local so I was able to confirm all cables are connected tight.


      I never had these problems on the old Slingplayer A/V through the software but see the audio/video drops ever since streaming through the browser.


      This makes watching the 500 less than desirable. For that matter, it sucks.


      Does anyone else have this type of problem with their Sling?