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    Slingbox Pro

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      Is there anyone that can help with my Slingbox problem please?  The system stopped working suddenly and is now asking for the Administrator Password.  Can someone explain where to find this password?

      Charles P

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          alanrichey42 Master

          If you don't know it your only solution is to do a full factory reset and setup the box from scratch, during which you will be asked to specify the passwords.

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              Thank you Alan, I will give it a try.



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                  esdwa Newbie

                  As precaution I suggest replacing power adapter  with new one. I had similar problem with my 10+ yr old PRO which was going into same password mode after few times went totally brick (damaged) and I found power adapter got bad at the same time.


                  These power supplies are not meant to work over 10 yrs, sometimes less, some more, so be protect your slingbox from permanent damage caused by end of life power supply.


                  I got replacement supply from Slingmedia through their website. There are many on eBay as well but be careful of the knockoffs.