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    Unsupports Signal, M2 and Frontier FiOS (Formerly Verizon):  What Slingbox will do 1080p 60fps?


      I am on Frontier FiOS, which until recently was Verizon FiOS.  Same boxes, same service essentially.  I know I had issues getting my M2 to function correctly at 1080p 60FPS and had to change to 1080i 30 FPS.  Is there a solution here that does 1080p 60FPS, even if I have to buy a new or slightly used different Slingbox model?  I just don't see it's practical to downgrade my overall HD service, just to meet the Slingbox needs.  Why can't the Slingbox figure this out and what are my options now?  I know the answer will be just change the resolution to 1080i, but I don't think that should have to be done when the FiOS box fully support 1080P and the Slingbox should as well.