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    Will there be continued device support for Fire TV?

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      I'm tired of buying expensive electronic equipment that I mean to last me a good long time, only to have it stop being "supported" in just a year or two. That was one of the reasons I loved the Fire Stick. Now it doesn't matter that my expensive TV and Home Theater apps don't work anymore (after just a few years, no less...). If I make the investment to buy a Slingbox 500, Slingbox M1/M2, or a Slingbox 350 to use with my Fire Stick, what are the chances that they will continue to be supported down the road? Is there at least ONE of them that is ASSUREDLY going to last? There is hardly any concept on the planet that infuriates me more than planned obsolescence. It's a really crappy thing to do to people, especially in this economy, not to mention bad for our planet. It should be illegal.


      For the record, I currently have the Comcast Xfinity X1 DVR system at home, and use the Fire Stick when traveling. So whatever box I buy, if I buy one, needs to be compatible with both of those platforms.


      Thank you.