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    No Video Signal with Cox Contour 2


      Hi Again and Thanks for you Assistance. The site is back up and I follow the steps and have not luck:  I have an Arris 013ANM host DVR and Pace PXD01ANI client boxes

      1. I have the M1 Slignbox
      2. Clicked on Reconfigure Video Input - Composite (SD) — Also tried the Component (HD) - I have both cables
      3. On the Choose Manufacture and Model - I selected CableTV, Custom, then _PL.bin file and then clicked on continue
      4. The “No Video Signal Detected" was displayed -“We are unable to detect a video signal. Lets try see if we can fix the problem (Don’t worry this should only take a moment)
      5. I clicked on continue and got the screen to check the video cables after I went through this I was referred to Contact Support
      6. I also tried reseting pressing the reset button in the back of the Slingbox for 10sec and waiting for 2min and went through the process again and still got the same issue.
      7. Not using an older box or IR Blaster
      8. Device is working correctly with real remote
      9. Im am using the Pace XR11-RF remote Version 1.0
      10. I have tried resetting the slingbox
      11. I don’t have access to a glitch Harmony Universal Remote

      Please could you see if I am missing any steps?


      Thanks Again

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          Update: It was the HDMI-Component and HDMI-Composite Cable I was use was causing the issue. I went back to a regular composite cable [Yellow-Red-White] from the Contour - Sling-box and I could get video in my Sling-box. This meant I had to connect the host box to the Sling-box and not the client box which only has a HDMI output.


          Thanks -for your help.