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    How to load customs remote bin file on windows 8.....spiderbox

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      Hi, I read on previous discussions that the Spiderbox uses same remote as SATSEN500

      , so I managed to download a zip with these bin files and a readme. I see that in order to load this custom remote control (as its not listed) I need to install desktop slingbox and place these into a folder in c:/program files/sling......somewhere, however the slingox desktop that I've installed on window 8, it doesn't have this folder, so I've tried hacking them onto the root folder of slingbox in program files and it doesn't work. Perhaps I need a different version of slingbox.... Does anyone know where I can get older versions or can anyone help me get a newer version of this customs remote control please. I'm using slingboxM1 with receiver Spiderbox HD9900. Any help would be appreciated.