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    Can't access slingbox past few days, but server updated




      Since a couple days ago, I can't contact my slingbox. I get the dreaded "Connection Failed: You can't connect to the Slingbox right now..." error message.


      But, if I go to the http://srs.slingmedia.com/getDeviceInfo.asp?id=  page,

      it says my Slingbox is updating (The LastUpdated filed has a time from today).

      What does this mean anyway? UPdated how? I assume my my Slingbox connecting to the slingbox server?

      And if so, I assume using the port it shows (5001)?


      The slingbox support page also shows no warnings, so another confirmation that the slingbox is communicating with the server?


      BUT, if I do a port check using: http://www.yougetsignal.com/tools/open-ports/

      I get an answer that port 5001 is closed!!!    (it shows open normally, when the slingbox is in use).

      If so, how is the slingbox communicating with the server?


      Oh, I'm using direct connect... with the IP entered.


      I'm thinking that something is wrong with the Internet at my slingbox location (not that easy for someone to go and check it),

      because today, my "Skype canary" died. Because I don't have easy access to the location there, I have a desktop PC there

      setup with a skype account on full-time. So, when I have skype problems, I can check to see if my Skype-canary is online,

      and if it is, I know the internet connection through that router is OK. Helps with my troubleshooting. Well, today that skype

      canary is not online! So it may be the internet is down. But, the slingbox stopped working a couple days ago, and the skype

      canary was up and working. I even sent a test message to the skype-canary, and it went... so the internet was definitely

      connected at that point. (though maybe the router started getting flaky or something?).


      But, the srs.slingmedia.com/getDeviceInfo still shows a "LastUpdated" date after the skype canary died. And when port 5001 is closed.

      HOw does the slingbox update the server when the port (and maybe internet) is down?


      Any ideas how to get my sling working again?