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    Slingbox app works fine on android and iPad but quit displaying video on windows

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      I have a slingbox HD PRO and I've been using the desktop application successfully for years. Yesterday it quit displaying the video stream. I get sound but no video. This first happened on my Windows 10 computer. I thought it might e a problem with the slingbox or the connections, but the slingox app on the iPad works perfectly as does the slingbox app on my android phone and my kindle fire HDX. I tried re-running the setup on the desktop app and it looks fine - I get the little video window with the video stream, so it is reaching the app. But when I close out, no video, just sound. I tried installling the desktop app on my Windows 7 computer to see if I had the same problem. The new download link is full of adds and doesn't work at all. I checked the community and found a link to the older desktop app, installed that on the windows 7 computer and it works great in setup, but no video just like on the windows 10 computer when I close out the setup. I also tried installing the brower player but could not get it to work on either of computers using microsoft edge, chrome and firefox. I am wondering if windows did some sort of security update that is blocking the video from displaying or if you sling media people changed something. Very odd and very disappointing not to be able to watch the slingbox in a window on my windows computer. Please help if anyone has a suggestion.What should I do?