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    Sling Catcher wireless or not




      Ive bought a sling catcher, to use it do I have to now also buy a slinglink turbo or can I use the sling catcher to connect to my wireless router in a wireless manner rather than using a ethernet cable ?



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          alano Newbie

          Hi Kelly.


          The SlingCatcher does not have a built-in WiFi receiver, so you will need to connect to it via a cable of some sort.


          Ideally, you would connect directly using an ethernet cable from the back of your modem/router to the back of your SlingCatcher.   It will give you maximum performance.


          Alternatively you can use SlingLink TURBO (one unit connects to an ethernet port at the back of your modem/router, the other unit connects to you SlingCatcher).


          Have fun!

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              dispencer Novice

              Wireless does work!  My Slingcatcher is in a location that makes it impractical to run a cable to the router.  I do it wirelessly using a Netgear WGE111 Wireless Game Adapter.  Works very well.  I did try the Slinglink Turbo solution, but it didn' work

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                  Exactly how do you connect the SlingCatcher wirelessly, I have no ideal at this point, how do you load the drivers for Netgear Wireless Adapter WG111v3 on the SlingCatcher if it won't recongize that it's even attached to the device, what are the steps can you please explain step by step please thank you!

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                      dispencer Novice

                      You connect the Slingcatcher to the game adaptor (aka a wireless bridge) using an ethernet cable (the same cable that you would use to connect the Slingcatcher to a router directly.  The game adaptor drivers are not loaded onto the Slingcatcher.  Just follow the installation instructions for the game adaptor which should then connect wirelessly to your router, with the router handing out an IP address to the game adaptor.


                      It's not as complicated as it may sound!


                      Come back if you need more help.