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    Network led on without cable

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      I bought my first slingbox pro hd in December 2011 and in February 2014 it stopped working. Plug the energy, the logo blink and off, the power led remains on, and the network led continue blinking with a red more opaque than the power led. Even without the network cable plugged in. If i plug the network cable, and plug the energy, the result is the same. In March 2014 I bought another slingbox pro hd and today it's happened the same problem that makes it unusable. It almost seems that the slingbox network card is died. I Tried hard reset but the situation does not change. Can someone help me? thx


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          alanrichey42 Master

          Sounds like a failed power adapter.   The other symptom you haven't mentioned is that the box will not reset if you press the button ?   I suspect your original Pro-HD was probably OK, and it was just the adapter as well.   There are dozens and dozens of posts about this on the forum (did you do a search ?), and I have experienced it myself twice.