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    Connection via TalkTalk YouView box - only works when TV is "on"

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      I can get everything up and running and the sound and audio working OK from the connection into the TalkTalk Youview box (Huawei DN372T) - but it only works when the TV is

      turned on.  I was assuming that i'd be able to watch just via the connection from the Slingbox into the YouView box - but it definitely only works when the TV is on.

      Now this might be because there is a connection in the YouView that means it only comes out of a sleep mode when the TV to which it is connected perhaps?

      Anyone else with this issue or have a thought of what to do?



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          alanrichey42 Master

          I guess you didn't do a Forum Search before posting ?  There are lots of people who have reported this.


          It is all to do with HDCP (Google it if you don't know what it is).  Your YouView box will only allow the component video to work if it gets a valid handshake from the device on the end of the HDMI cable, in your case the TV.   The solution is to remove the HDMI lead completely and feed your TV from the Component OUT of the Slingbox.