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    Black Screen Desktop app

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      I have a bit of a strange situation. I have a SlingPro HD connected. When I use the windows desktop app in my computer, I get the video advertisement and after that I get a black screen with no audio. I open the remote on the desktop app and I am able to change channels on the TV but I am not able to watch anything on the computer I am using to watch the slingbox. I thought the audio/video cables were not connected but they were. In fact, I have the slingbox app for iOS and I can watch the audio and video in my iPod without any problems, so that tells me that the composite wires are fine. I checked the source on the windows app and it was on composite as it is supposed to be. this problem happens also on a computer outside of the network and using the safari Mac app.


      Any idea of what could be causing this problem? I am not sure what else to do. Thank you in advance.