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    Why does slingbox often say there is another user when there isn't?

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      I have asked this, or similar questions before but never received an answer. I have two slingboxes and used to have two Roku3 at another location, but even though each Roku was on a different slingbox, it would always say there was another user, "disconnect?" I eventually replaced a Roku with a Firestick and that made it somewhat better but even now, and using only one slingbox I still get the same damned message and have to go back to the phone then back to the Roku at random or when trying to change channels.


      Also I have both an Android app and an Iphone. The Iphone app sucks in comparison and has the above problem all the time, aside from having a clunky menu and going back to the phone whenever I want to change channel; needing to connect yet again to get to the app menu even though the program is playing via the Roku. This does not happen with the Android app.


      This is a several year old problem but nothing improves. What is the development staff in India actually doing? Has anyone at Slingbox ever used these apps?