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    Slingbox connected to Roku- No Asterisk button on remote

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      I have my slingbox 350 wired to my Roku 1 to stream to other devices.  On the android phone application the slingbox remote for it does not contain a * (asterisk) button like the one on the Roku remote.  People need this because at times the roku works best when you delete a channel and then add it again if it has errors.  The TWC app is a good example of that.  There is no way for me to remove the channel from my roku while I am away from home so that I may add it again to fix the errors on that app.  Is there a place in which Slingbox reads this information and possibly will add that to the remote?   I feel as this may be an issue on the M1 M2 and 500 also.   Can anybody suggest a plan of action for me?  Is this an issue for those who have newer boxes?


      BTW I used a HDMI to RGB component box that I bought on ebay for $13 to connect the two.