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    Black screen using the web veiwer

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      I am getting a black screen when using the web viewer on this particular sling box.  What's odd is that when I go to "settings" above the viewing window, next to "live TV", select "configure input", then select this slingbox, enter the admin password, then select "configure inputs" the picture comes in and would appear to be working.  However, when hitting the back button and selecting "live TV", then selecting this slingbox from the list, I get a message stating "there was an error connecting to the box".  Backing out completely and going back into web viewer gets you the black screen again.  Very Frustrating...

      I do have an older version sling player saved on the same laptop that I am able to view and use this slingbox without an issue.  However, this slingbox is used as a tool to verify programming and is accessed by another department that uses the web viewer and are complaining to me, the point of contact for the site where this slingbox resides, that they are getting the black screen as well.  Any help is greatly appreciated...


      Model # SB300-XXX