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    Connection Problems Outside the US


      I recently moved to South America from the States and set up a SlingBox Solo from a house in the States before I left.  I am using the SlingLink at the house and am trying to stream Comcast TV over a DSL connection.  Before leaving, I upgraded the internet connection at the house from 7Mbps to 20Mbps in anticiaption of streaming issues.


      Here in South America, I have an internet connection that measures around 1.6 to 2 Mbps.  I am able to connect to my SlingBox through both the internet and the windows software.  My problem is that the connection freezes or times out every 45 seconds to 3 minutes.  I can see the streaming speeds get up to the mid 300 Kbps range, but then still times out.  After a little while.


      Any one have any ideas on my it is doing this?  Any help is much appreciated.