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    How do you create a Support Case?


      I bought a Slingbox.   I bought another product with the Slingbox Slingplayer Roku SmartApp (TCL 4K Roku TV model TCL 55UP130).  Use another Slingbox product the SlingPlayer App for Android (or Tablet) (or iPad) which I paid $14.99 for each that market they work with Roku devices.


      Problem:  Slingplayer App for Android (or Tablet) (or iPad) cannot connect and link Slingbox to a Roku TCL 4k TV (model TCL 55UP130) using Slingplayer Roku SmartApp.


      Many others are having this issue: https://community.slingbox.com/message/108661#108661


      So I must be missing something but I want to create a support case, get a technician to:


      1. Understand the problem/issue

      2. Acknowledge it is an problem/issue

      3. Agree that is is a Slingbox (SlingPlayer) problem/issue

      4. Tell me Slingbox is going to fix the Slingbox (SlingPlayer) problem/issue

      5. Give me a date when it will be fixed

      6. Fix it and let me and many others know it was fixed


      How in the world do you create a case?   What is the tech support phone number?   I hit the contact page and it is blank with data.  Anyone else been able to create a case?  Have a phone number to tech support?


      Thanks in advance!