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    Audio is Terrible! Occurs on M1 and SB500


      Hello Slingbox people. I just spent 24 minutes on the phone with Slingbox tech support. They don't know anything about this issue, but a quick search on google slingbox 96kpbs audio provides multiple links to multiple people with the same problem.

      When I listen to the audio from the slingbox player, from within the same house as the slingbox, be it from iPhone or Computer, the audio is terrible. It sounds compressed like an old mp3 from napster-era. In searching it seems that audio bitrate it limited to 96 kbps and there's no way around it.

      So I'm not sure exactly what to do. Has anyone found any way around it?

      Here's a sample of the audio quality I'm dealing with. This is one of the worst - not usually this bad.



      Slingbox please respond!