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    Two Sling Links One House?


      Good evening.  I have three slingboxes in my house.  One is connected directly to the router, the second is connected via a Sling Link for over a year in the basement and now I am setting up a third upstairs.  My problem is this.....when I connect the new Sling Link into the wall and into the router, my Internet automatically goes out.  This has happened many, many times in my struggle to get this third Slingbox to work.  My new Sling Link is plugged directly into the wall and has a 20ft ethernet cable to the router.


      Can I use to Sling Link's in the same house?  When the second sling link is not connected to the router, my SlingPlayer sees the third Slingbox, but can't connect to it.  Any idea what I might be doing wrong here?  Any suggestions for me on this one?


      Any and all help would be appreciated greatly.