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    Very large SlingSS_Log.txt file filling phone storage on Android N


      A SlingPlayer logfile, located at:


      has grown to 6.28 gigabytes, causing low-storage problems for the phone. The log file appears to be full of 'NCM NULL parameter' log lines, such as:

      [C] : : 1104253 : NCM NULL parameter


      Deleting the file, of course, regains the storage and resolves the low-storage problems. SlingPlayer appears to behave as expected after deletion of log file.


      SlingPlayer version 2.13.1

      Nexus 5X

      Android N

      Security patch level June 1, 2016

      Baseband M8994F-

      Kernel 3.10.73-gef93fe9

      Build number NPD56N