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    "Connected video signal is not supported" error message (Slingbox 350)

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      I have a Slingbox 350 which I am trying to configure for use with an Airties OHD80 Orange HD IPTV box in Spain.

      orange tv box information sticker.jpg

      orange tv remote control.jpg

      Aside from the difficulty of finding a suitable remote control (query posted elsewhere but if anyone has any ideas ... ), I am having a problem with the video stream.  I have connected the HDMI out from the IPTV box via an HDFury2 to the Slingbox component inputs.  I have then looped the video signal through using component cables from the Slingbox to the TV and the image is fine - so far so good.  However, when I try to view the video stream in Slingplayer I receive a "connected video signal is not supported" error message.  This struck me as odd given that the component signal is obviously going into and out of the box to reach the TV correctly.  A few supplementary bits of information:

      1. I have tried restarting both the Slingbox and Slingplayer after setting them up but that didn't help.

      2. There is no option on the IPTV box menus to adjust the outgoing video signal in any way so I think I am stuck with the video output as it currently is as far as I can see.

      3. I have previously successfully used an HDFury2 to stream an HDMI output signal from a SkyHD box (UK) and loop it through to a TV via another Slingbox 350.

      4. The audio (taken from the IPTV box using RCA cables to the Slingbox, thence to the TV) is working fine in Slingplayer (i.e. audio but no video).

      Hope someone can help!