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    Roku 4 with Slingbox channel going to a slingbox 500 ~ compressed picture

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      I just got a new Roku 4 to replace our roku 3 on our primary tv.  (Moving the Roku 3 to our bedroom)

      The slingbox worked great on my Roku 3 and I was able to pick up our cable tv from our condo in another state.

      The issue is with Roku 4 that the picture is getting compressed and now I have black bars on each side of the picture.  Never happened on Roku 3.

      I chated with Slingbox support the other night and gave them access to our slingbox.  After 45 minutes that guy agreed that it appears to be some issue with

      running the slingbox channel on Roku.  He ran it on their Roku 2 and didn't have any issues... just like my roku 3.


      He turned it over to Slingbox engineering..   Just wanted to post this to see if others are having an issue and also hoping that the engineers will

      see the post.  Surely someone from Slingbox monitors this board.