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    How do I change the account

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      I have Slingbox 500,which I have successfully installed,but the problem started when I went to register my Slingbox:I previously owned a 350 model and I had the Sling account so not knowing that I could use the same account I tried to open "new account"using the same email as well as the password,but was told on the TV monitor that I already have an account so I went back to the prompt and entered my old account email and password,just to receive an answer that there was no evince that ever had a Sling account.Back to the same page that previously was on and this time I was able to open new account.

      To my surprize and dismay when I went on my account to change my email and my password.I got the message that my new acount "was in use"

      So here I'm stuck and cannot use my slingbox nor can I change my account to reflect the change in my email and password.




      Miodrag Kukrika