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    New issues with Chromecast!

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      Ever since I've had Slingbox  there's always some issue using it with Chromecast. Now with the latest so called "update" by Chromecast I lose half the picture something that both Slingbox and Chromecast are aware of and could take up to 3 months to fix!  I was told that in the future if I need further tech. support there would be a $30.00 charge since my unit is out of the warranty period even though the issue is with Google and Slingbox. When I inquired why it may take so long to get a fix I was basically told that when you have to sets of engineers from two separate companies there tends to be a little "head butting" with each other.  It's so obvious that Slingbox really was just in a hurry to say that Chromecast would work with their system without really making sure all the bugs were sorted out.