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    I have spent more than 5 hours trying to set up a Slingbox 350 with HDMI-Kit ...


      Dear all,


      I bought a Slingbox 350 with a HDMI converter yesterday here in Japan and I am trying to set it up.


      I have tried everything discussed in different forums:

      • soft and hard resetting (Both lamps are on (power and network) and after the hard reset the Sling-sign blinks with the network lamp, so it seems to reach the outside),
      • all cables are connected (incl. a video signal from the sat-receiver),
      • used Mac and Windows-PC,
      • loaded down different plug-ins,
      • see the IP of the Slingbox on the router,
      • ping the Slingbox and get <1ms response,
      • and so on ...

      and still I get the message "We can't find a Slingbox" ...


      What suggestion do you have? Is it defect and I should take it back to the shop?


      Kind regards,

      Karl (very tired of trying to get the box set up ...)