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    Slingplayer for Android/Chromecast Issues - All Other Apps Work.

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      Hi All,


      I've been using Slingplayer for Android for quite some time now and it has mostly worked as expected.  Recently, however, and without any changes, it has stopped showing the Chromecast icon near the top left.  The icon shows up about once a week without my changing anything.  Then when I turn on the other Chromecasted TV to stream to it, the Chromecast icon disappears.


      The ability to Chromecast with Slingplayer was the main reason that I purchased this, and hope that the feature has not been removed.


      Here are some specifics:


      Router - ASUS RT-66U

      Chromecast - Version 2, installed on 3 TVs

      Android - Marshmellow, Samsung Galaxy S6


      Note that the Slingplayer works within my network and outside of my network, and the Chromecast works with all other Apps, but the Slingplayer app will not "see" any of the Chromecasts.


      Any help appreciated.


      Thanks - Vijay