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    Slingbox and Cable companies (Time Warner)


      Time Warner cable company recently came to my residence on a trouble call by us and disconnected my slingbox and said that it shouldn't be there. They played kinda stupid about knowing what it was and I don't know if they were really stupid or just a polite way of saying we'll let it go this time. Have Slingboxes been deemed illegal or somehow been banned by cable companies such as Time Warner?

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          dbsguy Apprentice

          They just have no clue as to what it is or what it does.


          It is NOT illegal. However they do imposs a bandwidth cap in terms of your monthly usage. by streaming audio/video over the net (as it is uploaded via the modem when doing so by it's nature), it is possible to exceed your cap which could suspwend or terminate your service. Comcasts cap is 250GB/mth; however TWC has much lower allowances. Check ther site to avoid possible problems down the line.

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              Time Warner has limited the number of stations they will allow their subscribers to access over the internet while away from home using TWC.com.  I bought my Slingbox 350 thinking I could access stations using this device.  It worked fine for a few days, then stopped working.  Tech support replaced the box but still have the same problem.  Slingbox said the box is fine but TWC box may be the problem. 


              I was watching mostly the Dodger station on TWC.com for about a week before I could not longer access it through TWC.  Then I was watching the Dodgers for about week before I could not access it through Slingbox.  Does anyone see a pattern here.  I am a TWC subscriber and am paying for access but can only get the Dodgers when I am at home now.  Any thoughts?