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    no chromecast display icon

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      It used to work on my s6   just tried today and slingplayer works but no chromecast icon..... everything else on my phone sees the chromecast except sling.....   Just deleted and redownloaded app..... still cant see it..... gone thru online help  see not working.   slingbox wants $29 to make a call because my box is out of warranty.... any ideas?

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          esdwa Newbie

          Same here, I get icon randomly:

          - on my S5 with Kitkat and SlingPlayer 2.13.1  I get icon everytime after a minute when Chromecast starts

          - on my Note 4 after recent upgrade to Marshmallow 6.0.1 and same Slingplayer , the icon usually does not show up unless I enter and then exit settings menu (weird).

          - on my wife's phone Nexus 5, the icon shows up everytime, same Slingplayer version. Go figure.


          Looks like bug therefore I stopped using Slingplayer icon, instead I use original Google Case app to cast entire screen to my TV and then jut run Slingplayer. No much difference in quality but inability to use the phone for other things while Sling plays. Solved this as well by using dedicated phone (old one) which serves as Slingplayer device.


          Like it if it helps. Thanks