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    Can't Change Channel via phone


      Hi All,


      I recently purchased the Slingbox 500 to obviously watch tv remotely. I have Comcast's Xfinity X1 setup. I have my slingbox attached to my standard hd box, instead of my DVR. The standard box is the RCG150N.


      I'm trying to use my android (Nexus 6) to control the slingbox. When I load the application, it'll load whatever the last channel was, no problem. However, if I use either gallery or guide, and select a new channel, it won't change it. I believe this has to do with the X1 system requiring you to hit "ok" on the remote when numbers are input. So, for example I want to change to channel 5. I hit channel 5 on the guide on my phone, it'll show the xfinity search option with the 5 entered, but it won't switch to it, because I can't hit ok/enter.


      I did notice if I use my computer (macbook pro), I can use the sling app. If I use guide it will do the same thing as on my phone, it'll enter the channel number but won't switch. However, I can get around this by clicking on the remote option, and clicking on the ok/enter button, so the command exists.


      It seems like the app needs to be able to either let me emulate my remote, or after you select a channel to switch to, to automatically send an "enter" command after several seconds.


      Is there any way to be able to change the channel from my android device? If not, this is a wasted product for me, as I don't always have my laptop on me and I'd prefer to stream to a chromecast when needed as well and I can't do this if I can't change channels.

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          I have the same problem!!! Same setup.

          I have the iPhone and iPad mini and have the same results but Sling is to **** lazy to fix the problem which is with the apps!!!

          I have NO problem when using my laptop or desktop.  The problem is with the device apps. I even tried to reset and re-download the firmware for the Sling 500 and it made NO difference.

          They want you to buy the product but fail to support the apps they charge you for!!!

          I'll start leaving bad reviews all over if they don't get it fixed!!!

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              So, no one here was obviously responding and I kept playing with it and did manage to get it to work. I gave up with using the RCG150N as my box. Instead, I went back in and searched for "x1". I believe this brought up a listing for Comcast > X1. So, I chose X1 as my device and set it up that way. It was able to connect in the "test" so I moved forward with it. When all was said and done, it did actually work correctly and can now change my channels.


              I'm at work now, so I can't verify the exact settings, but it was very much along those lines. Give it a shot.

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                  I asked this in a thread I created several days ago and got no replies. Seems a few people are having this same/similar problem:


                  problem changing channels on m1 remotely from iphone


                  my slingbox is hooked up properly. my cable is on. Currently it has been set to history channel, which I watch a lot at home. But now I am not home and I am using my phone as I have done before to watch slingbox. I cannot get the guide or remote to change channels. I am connected, watching something on the history channel, and I hit the guide selection. I select ALL and the channel listings show up on screen. I hit any one of them and it acts like it is going to change but it does nothing. I am still stuck on the same channel. I hit remote and then keypad and then enter a channel or hit the page up or down buttons, and nothing happens. Still stuck.


                  I am not home and no one can really go there to do anything about this right now.


                  Any ideas?



                  Anyway I cant make heads nor tails of the last solution and again, and not home with my sling device.


                  Does the app just suck or are there workarounds? Might it work from an ipad or tablet? Im often with just phone when traveling.

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                      I have the same problems. I can view, hear etc. but unable to change the channels. If I try to change the channel, I get the same results as you and the guide or channel screen will not close out until it decides to.

                      I did a hard reset on the back of the Sling500. It reloaded the software then I went back thru the setup procedure and also selected the X1 as my remote since I have the X1 platform via Comcast/Xfinity with the new voice remote. Makes no difference though as all used to work fine.

                      Still get the same results.

                      Here is the kick in the pants...

                      Everything works fine from a laptop or desktop! The problem is confined to the Sling apps (Old and newer version of SlingMedia apps) on my iPhone and iPad mini!!!!

                      The problem is within the apps!

                      FYI: (I also removed and re-installed both apps just in case and still same results).

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                          Sling tech, when pressed, will give up some tips. I was told to download the free app and try that. Then if it worked, send a screen shot of the payment done for the paid app (apple would have to send me that since its 18 months ago when i bought it) and sling would remove the adds on the free one. This would replace the app.


                          I was ready to try this when suddenly for reasons i simply cannot fathom, i was in fact able to totally reset my sling m1 and get my new router to see it on my desktop and phone. Now for reasons unknown my entire problem went away. I was about to buy a new IR cable thinking that was the problem. But now the app i have (the paid one) works on my iphone6s and i can change channels and all seems ok.


                          No idea how or why. I had tried for weeks to reset or reconfigure things with no luck. I looked at every avenue. I bugged tech and nearly tossed my box in the trash. I still dont like the way they do things but it works


                          I hope yours will work.


                          One other thing i was told to try was to face the front of the slingbox to the front of the cable box. Its internal IR emitter can see the cable box and this may push thru things not currently connecting. Try that to see if it helps.

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                    I had same problems and did a reset on Slingbox and everything is fine now.

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                      Hi, i just got Slingbox 500 and the work around X1 remote not working (the enter key) to switch channel is as follow.  This is how i configure my Slingbox 500 using X1 box when setting remote or box dont select the X1 select the RNG150 box witch is HD as well and when you use the key pad remote in the mobile app enter the channel one the channel is selected in the screen then go back into remote and select D-PAD its the selection on the right from key pad and hit enter and it will change the channel this will works in the free app and purchase app.