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    Does Android Slingplayer work on Android Tablet (android 2.2) ?


      I am interested to purchase a license of Android slingplayer, but i got few questions:

      1) I cant see Android slingplayer available in the market. (can i purchase this apps in alternate way? my android tablet dont have cam too, it cant use QR code)

      2) Does the slingplayer for android work on android tablet?


      If there is any official staff here, please kindly let me know the answer ASAP, Thanks a lot!

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          Currently, the Android version of SlingPlayer Mobile is only available from the Android Market.  If your device has access to paid apps on the Android Market, and SlingPlayer for Android appears in your market listings, then you should be able to run it.  I don't know of any Android tablets that are currently available that support the full Android Market officially.  The Samsung Galaxy Tablet will, and it's possible that your tablet has some hacks available for you to add the Android Market to your tablet (check XDA Forums for your specific tablet), but I have not yet heard of SlingPlayer Mobile for Android running on any released Android Tablet.  If anyone knows of a tablet that will run it (and run it well), please let me know!

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            I don't have an answer to your question but I have the same problem.  I have a Motorola Droid on which I have bought and paid for Sling Player.  It is running well but I have recently purchased an Archos 101 Tablet which is running Android 2.0.54(Android 2.2.1) .  Don't know much about the 2.0.54 but the 2.2.1 is the same Android version that is on the phone.  The display on the phone is ok but requires a little squinting when trying to view a TV show.  It sure would be nice to transfer my Sling Player to the larger (10") screen on the Archos.  Sure do hope that some  one from Slingbox Support would answer this question for all of us.

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              I just purchased a Archos 70 Android 2.2 Tablet.



              The Slingbox website says that Slingplayer runs on all Android devices - I have to think that the Marketplace does not consider an Android tablet to be the same as an Android phone. But I have found several posts on Archos forums saying that they did get Slingplayer to run on their Archos 70.


              Picture 3.png


              I found Slingplayer.apk on Mediafire.com and downloaded and installed it, bit it quits immediately on startup. I suspect it is because I never paid for the Slingplayer application, but I don't see any way I could "legitimize" my copy.


              Kind of stuck in a loop here. SlingMedia will not let anyone access support without a product number. I would gladly pay my $30 for a ligitimate copy, but the Marketplace will not sell me one.


              Do I need to lie to the Marketplace about what kind of device I actually have?



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                Yes I have a 2.2 Phone and it works fine.  I also have the Motorola Xoom and the same application I use on the phone works amazingly on the Xoom.  Even on 3G.


                If you want to see the Android App in action check out this video I made that takes an overview of the Slingplayer Android App




                Also you don't have to buy the App twice.  So if it works on you buy it for your phone, you can use it on your tablet as well.  As long as both Devices use the same Google Account that bought it.

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                    I got Slingplayer working on my Archos 70 by downloading and installing the Slingplyer.apk.


                    At least on the WIFI at my office, but not on my home WIFI.


                    Slingplayer will work on our laptops and our IPhones on the home WIFI.


                    Slingplayer always runs on my 3G when I tether my Archos 70 to my Iphone 3.


                    Possibly this is because the WIFI at my office uses Static IP addresses, but my home WIFI is DHCP.


                    Oddly enough, I usually have to launch the Slingplayer serveral times to get it to run on the Archos.


                    The thing I still don't get to how to make my copy of Slingplayer "legit"