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    Chromecast Icon Not Showing up!

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      I have an M1 and when I use my android tab 4 to cast SlingPlayer to tv,  it works perfect,  the chromecast icon shows up every time..... Then when i go over to my s7 edge or my girlfriends s6,  the icon doesn't show up... Sometimes if i leave it on for a few min,  or close the app and come back into it,  it will come back,  but doesn't work most of the time.   Tablet,  every time works... Same  version of sling app on all,  and all updated to latest.  Any help will be appreciated!

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          esdwa Newbie

          This has very little to do with the phone. I have same issue with Note 4, S5.and Nexus 5. The app simply needs time to detect and handshake with Chromecast to establish connection. It takes up to 3 - 5 minites in some extreme cases from the moment chromecast boots for it to respond and sync with SlingPlayer. Patience is.recommended. Icon eventually comes up.