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    Intermittently Lose Connection


      I'm using a SlingBox Pro HD. Recently, I intermittently lose the connection and it occurs with both the Logitech box and the WD box.  It will be receiving a bit stream in the 2+ MBPS range and after around 3 minutes, the bit stream drops to zero.  After a period of time, the error message comes up that the Connection was lost.  I can reconnect and the stream starts again but the pattern repeats every 3 to 4 minutes of use.  The Slingbox is on a 10MBPS upload ISP and the Logitech/WD box are on an 15MBPS download ISP.  Does anybody have any ideas why this would be happening?

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          I am having the exact same problem using a Slingbox M2.  the original post is 7 months old.  Are we the only two users with the problem?   Does anyone from Slingbox support read these messages?  In concept the function is great but the reality is much worse.    Need help ASAP or I am sending this box back.