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    Buckeye Cable DTA Box

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      Looking into buying a Slingbox 500. I want to use it off of a DTA box from Buckeye Cable in Northern Ohio. On a post from 2014, someone stated they couldn't use their DTA box from Buckeye because it was protected, and it only has an HDMI hookup in the box. My question, which I didn't see on there...could I use ad HDMI splitter from the DTA box, to hook up components in Slingbox, then components from Sling to TV? Would that definitely work? Or is it more trial and error than anything? Thanks for the help!


      (Background, trying to use my parents spare TV at their house to sling to my house. Trying to take care of as many possible issues at once, that way my 70 year old father doesn't have to get frustrated and confused haha)