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    ??Slingbox Pro: Weak or no video signal detected??

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      Hi,  I'm running Mac OSX 10.11.5 on a 27" iMac, Slingbox Pro (2007 model) and SlingPlayer v.

      1)  When I attempt to watch tv, I receive audio just fine, but am unable to receive video... msg. on screen: "Weak or no video signal detected."  This may have something to do with the OSX upgrade to v.1.11.5, my SlingPlayer version, or my settings or all of the above.  A quick scan of discussions and support pages just ran me in circles.  I would very much appreciate any info. anyone has to offer.

      2)  Does anyone know why I can no longer drag and drop the SlingPlayer window where I want to place it?  I usually use an auxiliary monitor for tv viewing, but this problem not only affects my main screen, but also prevents dragging the window to my aux. monitor.  Any assistance would help.


      Note: I have double checked my physical connections and all seem to be in order.


      Thanks, psquare11