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    Slingbox Solo and Android MK808b stick

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      Can someone tell me why I can't get this to work?


      I can get the Solo to play to one android box in one room, but cannot get it going to this stick.


      I do not try to stream to both at the same time, in fact, the other box is turned off/power unplugged.


      I have the stick on, and go into the browser and to slingbox.com home.


      I enter my valid username and password and log on


      I then click "watch" and it goes to "initializing", then an overlay comes up saying "Want to watch your TV on an addroid tablet?Click "here" to get slingplayer"


      It then tries to direct me via either Browser/Chrome/Play Store but nothing happens.


      If I go to the Play Store direct, I then get told I have to pay $14.99 for it.


      isn't there a free version with ads that I should be able to use on a box in another room?