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    Does MXQ Quad-core Android Media Player TV Box have Slingplayer? Any other boxes available?

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      I am looking for a box that will use Slingplayer to connect to my Slingbox so I can keep it permanently hooked up to my TV (not through laptop with HDMI wire).  I have tried several (NeoTV, WD Live TV, Boxee and Slingcatcher but it is not HD).  The Neo and WD work but are VERY slow and often skip or pause.  I don't want to have to use my phone all of the time as with Roku or Chromecast.  I ran across the MXQ S805 which seems to run fast and has a bunch of features but I can't seem to find out if it has the Slingplayer app.  Does anyone know if it does?  I see there is a PlayStore app on it so maybe it could be downloaded?  My laptop works the best but, as I said, I don't want to keep it set up all of the time.  I loved the SlingCatcher with the ACTUAL remote of my TV.  The Boxee worked fairly well but the remote is a bit difficult to use, especially in the dark, and it did not offer WiFi do I could not use it on my other TV's without running Ethernet cables. If the MXQ does not, does anyone know of any GOOD boxes that are still around that work well with my Slingbox Pro-HD?   Thanks in advance.