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    Where is the slingbox remote control UI ?


      Hello Slingbox Team!


      Let me start off by saying that I love the slingbox 500!

      Awesome and innovative device!

      Here is my idea that I would like to share with you all...

      You have a great idea with regards to showing your ISP's remote control to navigate your cable box. Well as much as i love the feature i also love the slingbox remote control as well. I love to browse the Technology section to view whats happening in the Android community, Apple, and technology areas since i have a technology background its always nice to see whats happening in the world of technology.

      However, i have been told to visit here and share my thoughts with you as a happy customer of slingbox and entice the idea of having the ability to multitask between both ISP remote control and the slingbox remote control. This gives us as the customer the ability to take advantage of the menus of the sling box itself.

      I hope that you will give that some thought since i really truly believe that your customers would appreciate this new feature so that we can be as close to being in front of our slingbox from anywhere in the world!

      A satisfied customer..


      John Cilluffo