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    Cannot add 500 to my Sling Directory?

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      I have had two previous Slingbox models working installed issue and so I have experience with Slingbox setups. Recently my only active Slingbox, a ProHD, has been running fine, but I just purchased a new 500 to replace it.


      I unplugged the ProHD, setup the 500 and now I can watch TV locally and access all the new features of the 500 locally, however I cannot access the 500 either remotely or on a Mac that is on the same home network because I can never get the chance to add it to my Sling Directory.


      The 500 is connected to my home network via hard-wired Ethernet and was automatically connected to my home network by the Slingbox setup procedure.


      I have a Mac connected via hard-wire Ethernet to the same home network as the 500. I attempt (using both Safari and Firefox) to view the 500 (expecting to be able to add the 500 to my Sling Directory as part of that process). However the 500 is never recognized by Slingbox software in either Safari or Firefox (even though it has the latest Slingbox plugin) and thus I cannot watch the 500 on my local Mac.


      My understanding is that if I go to 'watch.slingbox.com' then I should be able to add it to my directory during that process, but the 500 is never recognized.


      How do I add the 500 to my Sling Directory? Or perhaps a better question would be: why doesn't the 'watch' process recognize my 500 since they are both on the same home wired network?