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    TCL Roku TV and SlingPlayer

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      I have the Slingbox Pro HD and am able to cast using SlingPlayer to all my other Roku's (2 and 3) in the network.  My new TCL Roku TV 55UP120 doesn't show up on the list of Roku devices to select from slingcatcher.  I've tried manually adding via IP address and it accepts it but doesn't list it as a Roku device.  I've verified the IP address shares the same first 3 numbers just like the other Roku's that work.  All software is up to date.  Could it be that the TCL TV is too new and SlingPlayer doesn't recognize it as a Roku?  The Roku model displayed in the TV About settings is 6110x.   Roku app sees it just fine.   Thoughts? Suggestions?  I'm going to return this TCL if it won't work.  Just go back to TV and Roku 3 model.