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    Browser Plug in - Sling shoot themselves in the foot - again !!

    alanrichey42 Master

      I really do despair of Sling, don't they test anything before issuing it ?    Using Firefox 3.6.10


      http://remotes.slingbox.com  Trying to install the plug-in I get the message "The Browser Plug-in you are attempting to install (undefined) was not found on this server".

      Sorry but there is NO EXCUSE for that.

      http://watch.slingbox.com  At least the plug-in is found, but each time it installs I am told to restart Firefox and then it asks to reinstall again.  Stuck now in a permanent loop.


      What a shambles !!


      What do I have to do to stop this happen ?

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          alanrichey42 Master

          Later:  For Sling.   Just to confirm that Firefox is showing under  'Add-ons' that WebSlingPlayer is installed, but when you start  up either of the sites that fact is not being recognised so it tries to  install it again.


          Even Later:   This problem is limited  to PCs running Windows Vista.   My WIN7 and XP computers install it  without a problem.   Has anyone running Vista SP2 managed to get it  installed ?

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            On my iMac, I have always used Firefox because I didn't want to make my Safari browser 32 bit.  Well this morning when I started firefox to Watch via my Slingbox Pro HD, it prompted me to download the new plug in.  I did, and had problems, first it said completed successfully, quit and restart the browser.  I did this and it again prompted me to upgrade the watch plugin. I did this for a couple of iterations, gave up and restarted my iMac.  After this I started the firefox browser and it says "checking your account" so I waited and waited and waited.  I gave up closed the browser.  Then for the heck of it, I started Safari and voila!  I am able to Watch from Safari and happily with no questions about 32 bit etc.  It just worked!  Then I closed that and started my Firefox browser, this time it also worked!!!  Perfectly!


            What all did they change in this update?  I don't know how to determine the version number of this plug in update on September 19, 2010.  Also I wonder if any work is being done on the Mac Slingplayer so it can support HD.  Or is it considered obsolete now with the Watch plug in?

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                alanrichey42 Master

                I never got any help with this and I finished up having to delete my whole profile from Firefox and start from a clean sheet.   Took a VERY long time to get everything working again.


                As for the standalone players, I don't have any inside knowledge but as they have withdrawn the links to the software and are heavily pushing the web player I am guessing that they won't be doing anything further and we are stuck with the versins we have.   Or in the case of the PC, both V1.5 and V2.0 to protect against problems with the servers.


                It's a pity, as the webplayer is nowhere near as capable as the standalone versions and in my specific area of expertise, the on-screen remote, it is a total disaster.  You can't change the remote skin, you can't install a Custom-built Remote....