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    Slingbox 350 reboots after using "power on" button in virtual remote

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      I can use my android slingbox app or my laptop browser's virtual remote control to turn on my Directv Genie HR34-700 from inside the house on a LAN IP address or remotely using 4G LTE.  The problem I have is that when I send the "power on" command, the slingbox 350 will turn on the Directv receiver successfully and stream for 2-3 seconds, but then the Slingbox 350 will immediately reboot one time.  Of course, on my laptop I get a P-16 network error stating that slingbox can't connect (android app shows disconnected).  This is not a bandwidth error as the P-16 code suggests.  All of the bandwidth in the world is useless at the moment the box boots.  While sitting in front of the Slingbox 350, I have verified this behavior to occur 100% of the time.  I then have to wait about 3-4 minutes for the Slingbox 350 to finish booting up, grab an IP from my home network and authenticate itself back on the slingbox network before I can try to reconnect to the slingbox and view the stream remotely.  This is not a huge problem because once I reconnect to it after the reboot, I have no problem sending any of the other remote commands including "power off" (streams a blank screen but does not disconnect).  The reboot only happens on the attempt to "power on".  Is there anyone else experiencing this problem?  Any fix to it?  I have factory reset the Slingbox 350 multiple times in hopes of clearing this issue.  I gladly reconfigured the Slingbox 350 with my account information each time and crossed my fingers optimistically, but this procedure does not fix it.  Please advise of other options I might try.  Thank you!